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Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a sought-after destination for both property investors and tenants. Nevertheless, overseeing and leasing properties in the UAE can pose challenges, particularly for landlords residing abroad or managing multiple properties. In such cases, property management and leasing companies play a pivotal role. They provide services focused on ensuring the seamless operation of properties and the contentment of both landlords and tenants. This article will show the ten key expectations that UAE landlords have from property management and leasing companies. Also, how property management software can help them.

Ways property management software can help Dubai’s real estate companies.

Effective and Dependable Communication:

In the realm of property management and leasing, reliable and efficient communication is paramount. UAE landlords hold the expectation that property managers will exhibit responsiveness, dependability, and efficiency when engaging in communication. This entails promptly addressing emails and phone calls, providing consistent property updates, and promptly resolving any concerns or issues that may arise.

A survey by Bayut, a leading UAE real estate portal, found that 45% of landlords prioritize communication when choosing a property management company. Landlords expect continuous and transparent communication. They certainly count on property managers to openly communicate any challenges or alterations related to the property.

Punctual Rent Collection and Distribution:

Within the domain of property management and leasing in the UAE, the timely collection and distribution of rent hold significant importance. Landlords expect their property management company to execute rent collection punctually. Also, they should be able to furnish regular updates regarding rental income, and swiftly disburse rental earnings. This practice helps landlords manage their cash flow and uphold financial stability. Here, property management software serves as a valuable tool in easing out these processes.

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As reported by Bayut, the average rental yield in Dubai for the year 2022 stood at 6.5%, with certain areas recording even higher yields. This underscores the criticality of timely rent collection and distribution, as landlords heavily rely on rental income to cover expenses and generate a return on their investment.

Property Maintenance and Repairs:

The upkeep and repair of properties constitute a fundamental aspect of property management in the UAE. Landlords look for property managers who manage routine maintenance and repairs, such as cleaning, landscaping, and addressing minor issues. Additionally, landlords anticipate property managers to effectively handle substantial maintenance and renovation projects, offering cost-efficient solutions.

According to a survey conducted by Bayut, 35% of landlords identified property maintenance as the most critical factor when selecting a property management company. Landlords prioritize careful property maintenance and fast issue resolution. This helps prevent further deterioration and preserves the property’s value.

Marketing and Tenant Screening:

Marketing properties and rigorously screening tenants are pivotal facets of the leasing process in the UAE. Landlords expect their property management company to execute effective property marketing campaigns. They also anticipate thorough tenant screenings to ensure tenant reliability and trustworthiness.

Bayut’s data reveals that in 2022, the average annual rental price for a studio apartment in Dubai stood at AED 48,000, while for a 3-bedroom apartment, it was AED 150,000. These figures underscore the significance of proficient marketing strategies and diligent tenant screening. Landlords aim to lease their properties to dependable and responsible tenants. They seek tenants who pay rent on time and take proper care of the property.

Legal Compliance:

Adhering to legal requirements is of paramount importance in property management and leasing within the UAE. Landlords want their property management company to possess a profound understanding of local laws and regulations. This is how they ensure that their properties are fully compliant with all pertinent legal provisions. Furthermore, landlords expect their property managers to be capable of handling any legal matters that may arise, such as eviction proceedings or tenant disputes. This requires a legal framework in the UAE and the ability to navigate complex legal scenarios.

Listing Properties & Units:

Maintaining a centralized repository for all your existing units and properties is essential to maintain a comprehensive overview of your inventory. This repository includes essential information such as pricing, ownership history, payment schedules, images, floor plans, and current availability status.

Customer Database (CRM):

An efficient Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software tailored for real estate is indispensable. It enables the centralized management of leads and contact information for various stakeholders, including landlords, sellers, buyers, and tenants. This comprehensive database allows for the meticulous tracking of the entire customer journey, ensuring all interactions and transactions are thoroughly documented.

Invoices & Receipts:

Monitoring all invoices and receipts generated in each transaction is imperative for both agents and management to maintain clear visibility of their progress toward achieving sales targets. Keeping a record of financial transactions is essential for tracking financial performance and ensuring accountability within the organization.

Deal Generation:

Concluding a transaction has never been as straightforward and swift as it is now. A straightforward three-step process enables the automation and electronic documentation of transactions. The generation of smart contracts automates the associated paperwork.


Finally, stay informed about all key metrics within your business, ranging from upcoming lease renewals to commission reports and everything in between. Also, customize various types of reports and establish access permissions for authorized users.

The bottom line:

To sum up, property management and leasing companies play a pivotal role in the UAE’s real estate market. UAE landlords expect their property managers to embody traits of reliability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. By implementing Proptech solutions, property management companies can efficiently focus on achieving these objectives.

Real Estate Property Management Software:

To sum up, Elate tenant property management software streamlines and tracks all property management tasks, providing real-time updates. Designed to enhance communication across your network of landlords, tenants, and contractors, our robust feature establishes us as the premier real management software in Dubai. The Elate real estate management software allows you to effortlessly list and promote your properties on major portals, all from a single platform. You can also monitor the origin and status of leads generated, providing comprehensive lead management capabilities.

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