Elate HRMS Software

Elate HRMS Software

Before moving on to the subject, let’s define HRMS software. Elate HRMS Software is the HR and payroll software (Human Resource Management System) that enables the management of various HR functions through the use of information technology.

By automating laborious and repetitive operations, an HRMS seeks to increase business productivity and efficiency.

This article will be helpful to you if you are managing a very large organization and are struggling to keep track of the employees’ performance, timekeeping, and other functionality that is essential to enhancing the general effectiveness of the organization.

In this article, you will learn about the key modules of human resource management software and its functions.

Elate Human Resource Management Software (HRMS), the best HR software in the UAE, enhances your HR department by eliminating manual processes.

Among the functions it offers are payroll, hiring, workflows, calendars, and personnel administration.

Here are a few Elate HRMS software modules

Recruitment –

Every corporation needs a recruitment process because it will aid in identifying the best personnel for your industry.

If your business uses an automated recruitment system, you must set up the next phase to attract the best people.

By assisting with the establishment of recruitment campaigns and the production and publication of job opportunities in accordance, HRMS makes it simple to manage your hiring process.

You may see in detail the classification, the number of positions, the current count, the available positions, and the expected cost per position using the HRMS staffing plan.

Internal hiring is one of the best recruitment strategies because it saves both time and money.

Additionally, employee referrals are under your control in HRMS.

In the HRMS, you can keep track of who has applied for a particular position.

Performance monitoring –

To promote the achievement of the organization’s strategic goals, performance management is an ongoing process of communication between a supervisor and an employee that takes place throughout the year.

An employee’s work performance is evaluated and recorded through a performance appraisal.

You can handle employee assessments in the HRMS by creating an appraisal template for each role that includes the performance-defining criteria and gives each criterion the right weights.

Employee management cycle

Onboarding, promotions, separations, and also skill mapping are crucial aspects of a business.

These are some of the major steps in the employee management cycle.

You can handle all of these actions with the use of just one HR software UAE which is Elate HRMS.

Transfer management

Transfers in a corporation can take the form of shift transfers, rotation transfers, replacement transfers, production transfers, etc.

Internal mobility is the process of transferring a person from one role to another, typically at a different location, division, or unit.

Manually handling all of these transfers is incredibly stressful. You can record employee transfers to different businesses or departments using the HRMS Employee Transfer document.

Training Management

For any company, training new hires, retraining existing employees, and any other training-related tasks are crucial. It will take a lot of time and could be tough to manage if you try to manage it manually.

Best HR software Dubai manage all these operations.

Following the training, employee members can offer feedback via Training Feedback and receive the results.

Travel and expense

Some employees have to travel outside the company for business. The company is responsible for covering some of its costs. Employees can seek money for professional travel using the Travel request feature in Elate HR and payroll software.

Additionally, you can apply for an advance payment from the business using the HRMS employee advance option.

Leave management

Knowing how HRMS enables you to effectively manage your company’s leave schedule will astound you.

HRMS allows you to create different holiday lists and distribute them to your staff according to their preferences.

Depending on your company’s needs, a wide variety of leave types may be developed.

Most companies handle vacations based on a leave period that relates to a fiscal year or a calendar year.

Elate HRMS Software Payroll management –

Payroll administration is another key component of Elate HRMS software.

It includes keeping track of employee salaries, wages, bonuses, net pay, and deductions. The payroll part of the HRMS allows employees to examine their salary information.

Payroll processing is a must for every company’s HR function. Elate and payroll substantially streamlines this process by offering a variety of features, including Salary Structure, administration, and bulk processing of employee payroll.

            With Elate HRMS you can manage all these payroll activities -

  • Payroll Period.
  • Income Tax Slab.
  • Using salary components, create a salary structure (Earnings and Deductions).
  • Utilizing the salary structure assignment tool, assign salary structures to each employee.
  • Utilizing the salary structure assignment tool, assign salary structures to each employee.
  • Salary slips can be produced using payroll entry etc.

Salary structure

An employee’s salary structure contains information on their compensation, including the breakdown of the many components that make up their pay.

You can configure the Earnings and Deductions of a Salary Structure, the Payroll Periodicity, and the Payment Mode using Elate HR and payroll software Dubai, UAE.

Elate HRMS software also enables you to design the Salary Structure for Salary Slips based on Timesheets, allowing the business to pay its employees according to working hours.

 Salary slip

Every organization needs to release the salary slip to their employee on the monthly basis.

A salary slip is a document that is given to the employee.

It contains a detailed summary of the employee’s pay rates and benefits. Using Elate HRMS software, salary slips can be produced.

You can create a pay slip based on information from the timesheet and attendance and leave a pay slip.

The ability to generate salary slips for the current year and current month is another function of payroll software.

The development of the company depends on the Human Resource Management System (HRMS).

Employees are the cornerstone of every business, therefore it is imperative that they be treated well and that the company maintains accurate records of all the data that is vital to them.

 Additional Salary

In addition to their normal compensation, employees of corporations may also get additional pay.

Elate HR and payroll software UAE provides you with a feature called Additional Salary that allows you to add or take away the employee’s salary when processing the payroll.

Before adding a new salary, you must first create the employee and salary components in the payroll software. Recurring supplementary salary is a function available in payroll software.

Users can create an Additional Salary for a set length of time using this functionality.


Every company gives its employees a yearly or monthly bonus. The idea of a bonus is to honor personnel or a team that has accomplished important objectives.

 A bonus given to an employee in addition to their base salary to retain them as valuable employees is known as a retention bonus. Apart from these companies also offers festive bonuses.

In Elate HR and payroll software Dubai, you can configure a Retention Bonus for an Employee for a certain period.

Advantages of Elate HRMS Software in organizations

Easily adaptable to meet your needs

Every organization has a unique structure, internal organization, method of determining employee pay, and set of procedures that are followed.

You may customize shift rules, leave laws, income tax declarations, standards, and leave policies, as well as construct wage structures that are specific to the operations of your firm, thanks to the majority of HR software vendors in Dubai.

Additionally, there is an option for uploading corporate policies that are available to all employees.

Better utilization of time

Elate HRMS Software automated the process that is time-consuming HR chores, such as monitoring employee information, keeping documents, posting job openings on internet job boards, and analyzing employee performance.

Your HR team may automate may automate time-consuming redundant operations like processing payroll with Best HR software UAE, freeing up important hours of their time. Aligning teams with organizational goals and putting more of an emphasis on boosting employee satisfaction, morale, and productivity, further enables your HR team to perform better.

Data security –

If employee data and paperwork were kept the old-fashioned way, your HR team would have to spend a lot of time digging through file cabinets to discover the required documents.

Additionally, because all crucial information is held in a file cabinet, your business is vulnerable to documents that are leaked.

Your HR team can save employee information and documents digitally in the cloud using HR software, making it simple to get information without spending hours searching through each document.

Run a payroll without errors

Since it involves paying out your employees, managing your company’s monthly payroll is unquestionably one of its most crucial tasks. While improper attendance and leave monitoring might lead to an incorrectly processed payroll, disregarding regulatory requirements can result in costly fines.

Your employee leave records and your payroll are connected by HR software with a built-in payroll module for a payout that is error-free.

Additionally, reliable payroll software will adhere to all legal requirements, protecting your business from punitive consequences.

Every HRMS software depends on the aforementioned modules. However, we offer the software with features for integration and customization. You can integrate any other third-party app with our software. In addition to integration, we also offer customization to match your needs. Book a free demo to get your customized HRMS software. Along with this, we provide 14 day free trial for the elate HRMS software.

Elatesoft is a well-reputed Middle East visionary in business solution with its sole focus providing a comprehensive and integrated software solution.

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