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Elate QB Addins, you can create Sales Invoices, Purchase invoices, Receipt vouchers, Payment vouchers and Journal Vouchers according to the needs of your company.

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Tailored Integration Capabilities

Elate Add-ins for QuickBooks offer tailored integration capabilities, ensuring seamless and customized connections between QuickBooks and various business applications.


Enhanced Efficiency and Accuracy

The customization through Elate Add-ins ensures enhanced efficiency and accuracy in data transfer and synchronization between QuickBooks and other systems.


Flexible Configuration Options

Elate Add-ins provide flexible configuration options, enabling businesses to adapt and customize the integration according to their unique workflows.


Comprehensive Support and Maintenance

The dedicated support team offers assistance during integration, addressing queries, providing guidance, and ensuring a smooth setup process.

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Unleashing Brand Identity with QuickBooks Customization

  • Customized Payment Vouchers in QuickBooks
  • Multi-Location tracking in QuickBooks
  • Customized Journal Vouchers in QuickBooks
  • Receipt with Serial number / VAT 201 Report
  • Excel Import tool for QuickBooks
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Customized Payment Vouchers in QuickBooks

Payment Vouchers in QuickBooks are given by default format which cannot be changed or edited. With the help of Elate QB Addins, you can customize and personalize payment vouchers by making a template for your organization, company. You can add customized sections and columns in the payment voucher that is essential for your business. Add your business logo to the payment voucher for better aesthetics and value.

Customize QuickBooks Your Way: Tailored Solutions


Custom Reporting

This module allows users to create and customize reports beyond QuickBooks standard templates. It offers advanced options for data visualization, customized layouts, and tailored financial statements.


Integration and Data Synchronization

Enabling seamless integration with third-party applications, this module ensures efficient data synchronization between QuickBooks and other software, automating workflows and reducing data entry errors.


Advanced Invoice Customization

Customize and personalize invoices to align with specific branding requirements, including tailored layouts, fonts, colors, and additional fields for client-specific information.


Workflow Automation

Automate repetitive tasks and workflows within QuickBooks, streamlining processes such as recurring transactions, reminders, approvals, and notifications for improved efficiency.


Enhanced Security and Permissions

This module provides additional security features, allowing granular control over user access and permissions within QuickBooks, ensuring data confidentiality and integrity.


Multi-Currency and Multi-Location

For businesses operating in multiple currencies or locations, this module facilitates handling transactions, reporting, and compliance across diverse geographical regions and currencies.


Inventory and Order Management

Tailor QuickBooks inventory management functionalities to suit specific industry requirements, managing stock levels, orders, pricing, and product details with greater flexibility.


Custom Dashboard and Analytics

Create personalized dashboards with custom metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to gain insights into business performance, enhancing decision-making capabilities within QuickBooks.

QB Addins

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VAT Reports

Believe it or not, there is continually a void of unconventional features and functionalities that efficient accountants feel while trying to achieve their goals. Accountants are way more committed to numbers and this is why you constantly find it difficult to work with a single application. Our QB Addins will eradicate tedious, manual data entry by allowing data to flow automatically into your books, and you can review the whole kit and caboodle in one place. QuickBooks software is an excellent way to unleash extra efficiency and deal with difficult bookkeeping tasks. Intuit QuickBooks Online is a business accounting and financial management software that is worldwide. It permits users to establish their finance, track sales, and customer data for handling the business and serving their clients. We offer QuickBooks with a magnificent response for private endeavors subsequently offering an assortment of different versions to fit anyone’s requirements. Intuit’s QuickBooks accounting software has arisen as a means of preference for bookkeeping experts globally with a basic, user-friendly interface.

QB Addins

We Deliver QuickBooks Accounting and Bookkeeping


to the Industries like

Some of the industries wherein we support our clients with regards to QuickBooks accounting software encompass Marketing and advertising, Business Support Services, Real Estate, Sales, Individual Services, Logistics, Consulting, Finance, Legal, Entertainment, Insurance Accounting, Energy, Travel, and a lot more. Handling a business requires an extensive amount of effort and time, but Elatesoft can support you in attaining control of the accounting responsibilities by offering various ways out that match up your necessities. In case you have not picked out a software version, we will toil with you to evaluate your accounting and bookkeeping requirements to find out the suitable version of QuickBooks UAE for your definite business. Our team can help you set up QB Addins in a precise manner makes sure you obtain the most out of your accounting software which permits accounts to import, plot accounts, create templates, and a lot more.

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QuickBooks Customized Payment Voucher , Receipt with Serial number / VAT 201 Report

When you want to make an FTA compliant FTA faf file, you can use these QB addins to help you extract all your data efficiently and quickly generate the faf file. With the help of Elate QB Addins, you can now save a lot of money by escaping the fines charged by the FTA Dept. This is a handy FAF file generator tool. QB Addins is easy to use and fast to install. It will now interfere with the functioning of the QuickBooks software but will work smoothly on your device and parallel extract the relevant data for you. The FTA conducts audits of all business transactions held for the entire year. At that time they will require an FTA-approved FAF file which will contain all the transactions in a specific order. The time limit to submit this file will be very less and the amount of transactions that need to be documented will be more. It is physically impossible for an accountant to give a faf file or make a file that is prescribed according to the FTA rules and FTA format of all the transactions that were carried out since VAT was implemented in the system or for the past year. Hence a software needs to do all these works.


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How do Elate QB Add-ins enhance QuickBooks functionality?

Elate QB Add-ins extend QuickBooks functionality by providing additional features and customization options. These add-ins seamlessly integrate with QuickBooks, offering tailored solutions such as advanced reporting, specialized data synchronization, and workflow automation. They aim to streamline processes, increase efficiency, and enhance the capabilities of QuickBooks for businesses with specific requirements.

Can Elate QB Add-ins be modified or tailored to match unique business needs?

Yes, Elate QB Add-ins are designed to be flexible and customizable, allowing businesses to tailor them to their unique workflows and requirements. The add-ins offer configurable settings, allowing for adjustments, customizations, and specific configurations to match diverse business processes. This flexibility ensures that the add-ins can adapt to varying business needs and workflows for seamless integration with QuickBooks.

Elatesoft is a well-reputed Middle East visionary in business solution with its sole focus providing a comprehensive and integrated software solution.

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