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Accessed easily by any browser on all mobile and desktop platforms.


Role Security

Access to company data is restricted to the users according to their roles.


Faster Workflow

The system is programmed to organize the entire sales team activity.



Accessed easily by any browser on all mobile and desktop platforms.

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Empower Your Sales Team with Elate CRM: Elevating Customer Connections

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Fascinating Products and Services

We have an immensely compelling mixture proposition in terms of our products and services by ensuring you are always ahead of the curve.

The Best CRM Software in Dubai, UAE, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi with Automated Features


Improved Sales

A boundless sales process inevitably makes more sales. With an in-built dashboard, Elate CRM offers high-end sales automation through innovative workflows and reporting.


Enterprise Ready

Elate CRM is enterprise-ready that retains the data safe and secure in its state-of-the-art information centers around the globe. Access the customer data from any place and anytime within the business.


Multichannel Communication

The software offers multichannel provision and lets you link with clients and leads through email, phone, chat, social media, and in-person.


Extendable and Customizable

Elate CRM is customizable, the way you want it, and can integrate Elate with a range of business tools like Quickbooks, Tally, HR and Payroll Software and other Elate software solutions.


Complete insights

The top CRM in UAE endows you to run far-reaching promotion campaigns. You can plan, build, and implement multiple marketing campaigns with decisive objectives for each one of them.


Contact Management

Software allows you to build a single account source with diverse data parameters, besides with personalization of the interface and other customizations.


Multiple Price Books

The top-performing CRM tool assists you to maintain intelligent pricing in various currencies, with different rating options for every customer, vendor, and partner.


Consistent Service

With our CRM, you can confirm that your clients are always happy with the service. It automates tracking and assigning tasks to experts and manages service levels so that your patrons have no reason to complain.

CRM Dubai

Seamless Sales Management with Elate CRM


CRM Tools to Craft Superior Client Engagement

Have you tried a lot of CRM but the complication made you lose curiosity in the software? Certainly yes? Well, not anymore, now you can say goodbye to complex CRM software. Well, it’s Elate CRM an award-winning CRM that has endowed 100,000+ companies worldwide. Elate CRM is customer relationship management software with cutting-edge monitoring features and automation tools that would help companies build efficiency, increase customer retention, and drive growth. Elate CRM System is the best CRM Software for Small businesses to improve the customer experience and accomplish a company’s collaboration with all their existing as well as potential customers. The software uses data analysis of customers’ accounts causing customer retention that drives sales. It gathers structured information on customers across diverse channels of the company that lets you initiate several conversations across multiple channels.

Our Experts

CRM Dubai - Best Sales CRM Software in UAE

Maintain better relations with your customers with the help of this software. Helps you handle all your leads carefully by taking regular follow-ups and sending automatically generated proposals suitable for all your clients. Keep a record of all the deals won and lost by each sales executive and monitor their performance. Get reports on past deals done in form of graphs, charts and interactive figures. QuickBooks Integration with CRM Software UAE is possible with Elate CRM (QuickBooks integrated with CRM System) Tally Software Integration with CRM Software UAE is possible with Elate CRM (Tally Integrated with CRM Software) Elate CRM is an award-winning CRM software in Dubai. Generate more leads and close sales faster. its a cloud-based CRM in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah- Request a Free Demo Now! Elate is the leading provider of web based CRM Dubai (Customer Relationship Management) and Contact Management Software Solutions for Dubai, Abudhabi, Sharjah, UAE, Qatar, Oman, KSA, Bahrain with CRM on Mobile applications. Best CRM software from Dubai, Elate CRM software makes managing customer relationship management Systems easy and intuitive. Elate CRM knows UAE business better, so Elate CRM is the leading CRM for Dubai, UAE.


Our Achievements, Woven with Passion and Precision

How does Elate Sales CRM enhance customer engagement?

Elate Sales CRM enhances customer engagement through various features such as lead tracking, personalized communication, and streamlined follow-ups. The software provides a centralized platform for managing customer interactions, enabling sales teams to track leads, nurture relationships, and tailor communication based on individual preferences. With automated reminders and personalized touchpoints, Elate CRM ensures timely and relevant engagements, fostering stronger connections and improving the overall customer experience.

Can Elate Sales CRM integrate with other business applications or tools?

Yes, Elate Sales CRM offers seamless integration capabilities with a wide range of business applications commonly used across different industries. It provides integrations with popular tools such as email marketing platforms, calendar applications, accounting software, and more. This integration streamlines workflows, allowing for the easy exchange of data between systems. Whether its synchronizing customer data or automating processes, Elate CRMs integration capabilities enhance productivity and ensure a cohesive ecosystem of tools to support sales activities.

Elatesoft is a well-reputed Middle East visionary in business solution with its sole focus providing a comprehensive and integrated software solution.

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