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HRMS Software Dubai - Managing a business also includes the management of employees, their benefits, and choosing the right people to obtain the goals. The main responsibilities of HR include:

  • Talent management
  • Ensure a positive and safe work environment
  • Employee payroll
  • Overview of the performance of an employee

QuickBooks UAE provides an HR service platform to administrate human services that include employee management for all kinds of businesses. The QuickBooks payroll deals with integrated payroll, taxes, and health benefits and manage your entire team in one place. For the purpose of management, an HR dashboard is provided in the application which is the living space. The HR dashboard should consist of easy access to the features in the application. All in all, the tool should provide the user with attractive layouts and designs. There are several modules available for effective and essential management.

HR Software key modules include:

  1. Employee
  2. Dashboard
  3. Payroll
  4. Overtime request
  5. Invoice
  6. Inventory
  7. Attendance
  8. Recruitment
  9. Contact
  10. Calendar
  11. Project
  12. Announcements
  13. Events
  14. Shifts
  15. Expenses

From the above-stated modules, the dashboard is one of the main modules that deliver a user-friendly view of the application. Each employee and manager can make use of the dashboard to perceive and organize their files and document.

Through the dashboard, one can easily understand the details of the employee. For example, if you want information about a person named John click on the dashboard. Additionally, The dashboard shows the full name, designation, date of birth, and contact details.

Over all, The HR software delivers general information apart from individual details. Undoubtedly, These particulars will help the user to understand the company and its policies. The highlight is the inclusion of stylish, simple-to-grab tabs to make use easier.

Henceforth, Some of the specially included tabs in the dashboard are explained below:

Pay slips

This tab helps the user to view different pay slips that are generated for the individual employee. The total pay slips generated from the month of joining can be accessed here. The user can also scan particular pay slips if needed.

Leave request

The leave request tab permits the user to produce and manage the leave request. This tab also gives the information on the previous leave taken and the total number of leave available for the month.


This tab overall holds the information on the working tenure of the employee. The user can easily view the contract of employment and avoid contract breach.


Timesheets provide the day off schedules for the employee. This tab is provided to manage the leave and vacation for the HR and the employees.

Leave allocation request

The allocation tab helps to view the leave request given by the employees. HR, for instance, has access to approve leaves of absence. In the HR dashboard, the leave allocation tab shows the information of the employees who applied for leave. The HR decides to perform the necessary action.

Job applications

When a job opening arises, several people apply for the position. The job application tab also contains a list of all applications. This tab provides information as the total number of applications, their details, and the position offered.

Departments and employees

Based on the company, there are several departments. By all means, This tab organizes the employee according to their departments. If required the admin can also view them as charts and make analyses to strengthen a particular department.

Monthly join resign analysis

As a matter of fact, The main task of the HR wing is to keep track of the new employees and the left ones. This feature provides the details of the newly joined employees and the resigned ones. The numbers of them are displayed and a pattern can also be observed to improve the performance of the company.

Attrition rate

Despite all, Based on the employee resignation rate, a pattern is developed to analyze the retention of the employees. Consequently, This helps the company to understand employee satisfaction and improve the performance of the company.

My leave analysis

In a word, The leave analysis feature helps the employee to view the number of leaves taken without the description of them. This boosts the employee to manage the leaves.


The events tab informs the daily activity of the employee. You can also utilise this tool to give the employee any information. For example, we can make the display birthdays of the employees.


As can be seen, The announcements tab always serves as an encouragement for the employees. This tab, for instance, could list the employee of the month or the celebrity of the week.

QuickBooks UAE is an accounting software that also provides HR management that makes business management easy and helps the owners to focus more on the business

HRMS Software Dubai - HRMS Software UAE

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