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QuickBooks is a popular accounting solution for small businesses and those just starting started. It is a piece of accounting software created and offered by Intuit. QuickBooks Addons solutions, first presented in 1983, are primarily aimed at small and medium-sized businesses. Also, they provide on-premises accounting software as well as cloud-based versions that take company payments. Moreover, manage and pay bills, and perform payroll operations.

QuickBooks may be a good choice if your business concept is straightforward and all you need is an accounting application. However, if a requirement for other solutions in the near future arises. Solutions such as e-commerce, warehouse management, customer relationship management, or human resource management; QuickBooks invoicing will be inadequate.

Benefits of QuickBooks

  • Simple to use and learn
  • Integrates effectively with other systems and is adaptable to third-party applications; generates solid accounting reports
  • Reasonably priced
  • Simple to use from any device (phone, tablet, or computer) (depending on the version)
  • Errors/mistakes are easily identified and corrected.
  • It is simple to seek consumer information.

Limitations of QuickBooks invoicing

  • There is a lack of industry and business-specific features (such as lot tracking, eCommerce, and barcode scanning)
  • Key reports outside of accounting are missing.
  • Instability/system failure
  • Issues with file size and transaction limits
  • Number of users restrictions
  • Constructed with a “small business attitude”
  • Because data is not consistently backed up, you run the risk of losing information.
  • There are no invoice design tools available.

Top 10 features of QuickBooks Addons – Elate Addins

QuickBooks invoicing generates reports and invoices using conventional templates and does not allow you to entirely adjust them to your company’s requirements and local government tax rules. As a result, Elate QuickBooks Addons allows you to build your own sales invoice, buy invoices, journal vouchers, and payment vouchers, as well as your unique corporate logo and speedy reports.

QuickBooks Addons Journal Voucher Customization Features

It is capable of making journal Voucher customization based on your organization’s needs. The appropriate choice to print the journal voucher in accordance with your needs is not available by default in QuickBooks invoicing. This disadvantage is mitigated with Elate QuickBooks Addons. This program allows you to modify and print journal vouchers based on the demands of your business.

Payment Voucher Customization

It may modify and customize payment vouchers by building a template for your business and including the corporate logo for improved aesthetics and value.

Payment vouchers in QuickBooks invoicing have a fixed format that cannot be modified or updated. You may modify and customize payment vouchers with Elate QB Addins by creating a template for your organization or corporation. You can include unique sections and columns in the payment voucher that are necessary for your business. For improved aesthetics and value, include your company logo on the payment voucher.

Customization of Sales Invoices

QuickBooks Addons simplifies the production of sales invoices through customization. It prints Sales, Tax, and VAT invoices in accordance with local laws and government requirements. Elate QuickBooks Addons supports receipt voucher customization, as well as a footer, header logo, and bank details.

QuickBooks’ Addons invoice structure does not allow you to add an extra column or specify the final amount in words.  This poses major problems when you need to generate invoices in accordance with local legislation and government standards for tax filing. This necessitates significant extra work to print the invoices separately each time.

Elate QuickBooks Addons generate customized QuickBooks invoicing templates and automatically print invoices in accordance with local regulations and QuickBooks invoicing recommendations.

FTA-Approved Formats:

FTA-approved invoices must include the TRN number at the top, as well as a separate column for the VAT% charged on that product, in addition to the VAT amount. Then comes the final sum in words, as well as the VAT amount. To do this, you may utilize Elate QuickBooks Addons, which will extract all of the necessary data, produce the necessary sales invoice and purchase invoice, and print it for you. This will also eliminate any manual tasks involving Excel sheets.

It efficiently extracts all data and creates files rapidly while avoiding the FTA Department’s penalty. QuickBooks invoicing (FTA Approved) allows you to instantly access bespoke invoices/sheets, increasing company productivity.

VAT 201 Reports:

Elate QuickBooks Addons can create the VAT 201 reports required for submitting tax returns and receiving other government advantages. This Elate QuickBooks Addons program integrates easily with QuickBooks invoicing and quickly creates and prepares the necessary data. It is capable of producing VAT 201 reports, which are required for submitting tax returns.

QuickBooks Addons Excel Import Tool

Elate QBAddins excel import tool enables for the seamless flow of data into QuickBooks from an excel spreadsheet, saving the user hours of data entry and eliminating mistakes.

With the stroke of a button, the Elate QBAddins import tool can import all transaction data from buy bills, sales invoices, payments, receipts, credit notes, debit notes, journals, quotes, purchase orders, sales orders, and so on into QuickBooks. All of the data has effortless migration into the QuickBooks invoicing program as inappropriate vouchers.

Multi-Location tracking in QuickBooks 

Multi-Location tracking in QuickBooks Addons. Because multi-location inventory was previously only available in the corporate edition of QuickBooks, we created an enhanced feature in the addins program for Pro and Premier customers.  Enter your purchases and sales in QuickBooks as normal. Additionally, all of your data will be in sync within the elate QB Addins.

The user may generate a stock transfer voucher by specifying the source and destination locations, and the user can generate condensed and comprehensive reports for stock with multi-location data. Use of Location tracking to categorize data from mobile devices.


Industrialists are continuously seeking easier and better solutions that add value to their services since business needs are unlimited. QuickBooks Addons is a unique accounting software integration part that can handle the majority of accounting requirements. Elatesoft has been providing our clients with feature-rich, powerful, and cost-effective Elate QB Addins software. Our solution for more individualistic and devoted accounting operations includes Elate QB Addins. Especially that saves money, preserves correct data, automates information processing, secures data exchange, and manages CRM, among other things.

Elate QB Addins allows you to select and personalize your own invoice. QuickBooks Customization enables journal voucher customization and payment voucher customization, sale invoice (VAT) modification. Additionally, receipt voucher customization, as well as your unique company logo and fast reports.

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