TOP 10 HRMS Software in Dubai, UAE

What is HRMS and Payroll Software?

A modern HR management system, HRMS software simplifies all HR tasks.

HR professionals are responsible for recruiting, selecting, vetting, and placing employees.

They also manage a company’s training, payroll, benefits, and employee relations.

By saving time and boosting an HR professional’s productivity, HRMS and Payroll Software offers a hassle-free approach to daily operations.

Accounting software automates error-free accounting in addition to managing a company’s finances, efficiency, and tax filing.

In the past, most businesses kept their accounting and HR systems separate.

Still, with the advancement of cutting-edge technology, companies are starting to use HR management systems and payroll software in UAE for increased productivity and efficiency.

HRMS and Payroll Software

Elate HRMS makes it easy for you to integrate your employee data with the other business departments. Integrating modules like attendance, payroll, and benefits with better experience

Here is the list of top HRMS Software in the UAE

1. PeopleHum

Moreover, PeopleHum is a single-view comprehensive HR management system in the UAE.

PeopleHum’s broad platform minimizes user and customer problems through a people-centric strategy, helping businesses be more prepared for the future of work.



Using an AI-driven application tracking system, the recruiting module automates the sourcing, screening, and also selection of the most qualified job applicants (ATS).


The performance module focuses on ready-to-use feedback templates that can be customized, automated review cycles, and also a 360-degree feedback system.


Automated leave management, attendance tracking, as well as employee surveys, are all available to you with workforce management.


Moreover, The platform enables the dissemination of business updates, the creation of intelligent employee ideation forums, and the facilitation of employee voices for complaints and issues.

Additionally, there are add-ons like a learning management system, e-Signature, and HR chatbot.

2. greytHR

One classy cloud-based software option that serves both large- and small-scale businesses is greytHR.

With 100% statutory compliance for a nation like the UAE, this program is regarded as the most trustworthy HRMS and Payroll software.

With precise and incredibly quick results, greytHR assists in streamlining and lowering transactional HR tasks. The greytHR software automates the HR process, empowering your company.

It includes many functions, including asset and document management, employee onboarding, Core HR Management, Payroll Management, Leave & Attendance Management, Contactless Attendance, Statutory Compliance, UAE-specific - Gratuity, SIF file, and also WPS.


  • Payroll-related tasks.
  • creation of tax forms.
  • may see all data about employees.
  • stream of news.


  • WFH option for employee attendance
  • Add location data in attendance

3. ELATE HRMS and Payroll Software

Elate HRMS is designed for Small along with Medium Businesses.

Organize employee data, produce payroll, approve leave requests, and also easily create employee status reports using this lovely, paperless, automated human resource management system.

Certainly, Best-in-class HR and payroll software is offered by Elatesoft in Dubai, UAE, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and other Middle Eastern cities.

Get UAE HR and Payroll Software that is completely customized to your company’s needs.

Moreover, Depending on the versions they select, the HRMS & Payroll software we offer can help clients with all fundamental and even sophisticated business requirements.

The program is exceedingly adaptable and scalable.

An HR software is necessary because as the number of employees in the company grows, the HR team is burdened with keeping track of all of the employees’ data and vital paperwork, making it difficult to provide better service to all of the employees.

The answer to this is HRMS software in the UAE.


  • Recruitment
  • Transfer management
  • leave management
  • Performance management
  • Training
  • Promotion
  • Payroll


  • Manage HR department
  • Time tracking
  • Payroll link to leave data
  • Record Training Course
  • Inter-Company and Location Transfer


  • Not major cons


Sapience HRMS is integrated HRMS and payroll software to satisfy Middle Eastern nations’ needs, especially the UAE.

The transaction process can be automated by using this software, which can also be built to collect real-time data.

In addition to this Features like managing recruitment, HR and employee administration, payroll, time attendance, travel, and expense claim, performance management, onboarding, and exit management process, and employee & managerial self-service portal are all included in Sapience HRMS and Payroll Management Software.


  • Firstly, Recruitment
  • Payroll
  • Time management
  • At last, Training

5. Disprz

A learning management system called Disprz helps workers develop the skills needed to grow in their employment.

It helps with the scalability of best practices, market expansion, and also consistency enhancement.

Additionally, Employees can seek career-advancing classes on Disprz’s platform, which tracks progress, teaches skills that apply to their day-to-day work, and breaks down what is necessary to advance into manageable modules.


  • Talent Management
  • Project Management.
  • Tests/Assessments.
  • Employee listing.
  • Employee training.

6. Paylite HRMS

A complete human resource management system called Paylite is available in Kuwait and other Middle Eastern countries.

The platform replaces antiquated systems with processes driven by systems, streamlining and speeding up the HR process.

Your sensitive information is always kept safe and secured thanks to the security measures it contains.

Paylite uses cutting-edge Microsoft technologies to keep your business operating efficiently and affordably.


  • Payroll,
  • Self-service,
  • Attendance tracking,
  • Core HR.
  • Performance management.
  • Finally, Recruitment management


One of the top standalone talent acquisition suites is Oracle’s Taleo, which allows recruiters to find, attract, and onboard individuals with high abilities for their firm.

Using Taleo, businesses can quickly and affordably create their unique solutions for hiring talent.

Organizations can leverage Taleo’s features, such as marketing campaigns and automated postings, to enhance their sourcing strategy.

Additionally, Taleo and LinkedIn are integrated, which will help to expand the network for locating people.


  • Hiring
  • Self-service
  • At last, Payslip


Moreover, The greatest candidates for Sage HRMS UAE are small and medium-sized organizations.

Numerous modules, including HR, Payroll, Attendance Tracking, Benefits Management, and also others, are included in Sage HRMS.

Businesses can pick the modules that best suit their needs, and the HRMS in UAE will be implemented in their choices.

Even existing business systems can be integrated with Sage HRMS.

You can manage every stage of the employee life cycle with the help of Sage HRMS.

Additionally, Decide on Sage HRMS first.

Then, Select these HR solutions to address your particular HR management difficulties as your organization expands and as your needs change.


  • Manage time as well as attendance
  • Hiring
  • Manage employee benefits
  • Payroll


Firstly, Zoho People is a complete HRMS and Payroll Software Solution for businesses.

It handles every HR procedure, including hiring, onboarding, time and attendance tracking, also employee performance evaluations, etc.

Through digital onboarding, engagement, management, time tracking, or appraisals, Zoho People will also streamline the organization’s hiring procedure and help new hires come up to speed.


  • Firstly, Simplified HR process
  • Time and also Attendance
  • Performance management

10. Easy HR

Moreover, Easy HR is a premium human resources solution for businesses, SMEs, and startups.

Employee Self Service, Leave & Attendance, Recruitment Management, Training Management, Payroll, and also Compliance, among other services, are all offered by Easy HR.

Easy HR offers a UI that is simple to use and centered on usability.

HR Administrators may manage employee information, the hiring process, and other tasks with Easy HR, while employees have 24/7 online access to self-service capabilities.


  • Firstly, Claim management
  • Employee self-service
  • Help desk
  • Leave and also attendance
  • at last, payroll

Above HRMS and Payroll Software are listed according to features, not rank

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