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Dealing with the huge real estate property, Do you desire a solution Here, the program is referred to as Property management software. Property managers may automate back-office, financial, and administrative procedures using this app-based software product.

Typically, these solutions provide functions including online payment processing, electronic leases, document storage, online tenant portals, and maintenance tracking.

Let’s discuss the top property management software in UAE, the Middle East

1. BlueSky 

BlueSky Real Estate Software is the top property management software in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

A cloud-based real estate software called BlueSky was created to meet all the needs of property management organizations.

Numerous value-added services are provided by BlueSky Real Estate Software in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, including solutions for managing tenants, contacts, leasing, accounting, and financial data as well as reporting and analytics.

Additionally, This property management software was created to improve growth and lower administrative burdens for real estate businesses.


  • Property & also Lead Management
  • Payment along with Rent Management
  • Document Management
  • Cheque Management
  • Reports as well as Analytics

2. Adept Business Solutions

Small as well as medium-sized businesses in the Middle East can purchase software packages from Adept Business Solutions.

Adept Business Solutions prioritizes interactions with and engagement with customers.

Property management software from Adept Business Solutions MySpacio is a web-based property management tool that organizes tenant information, tenancy agreements, property information, and other real estate-related data.

Additionally, it provides alert features for things like alerts for property taxes, government dues, and alerts for contract renewals.

At last, Depending on the demands and specifications of your company, MySapcio is adaptable.


  • Manage tenant information
  • Agreement records
  • Reminder for taxes, and dues.
  • Contract renewal reminder

3. Pact Business Solutions

Moreover, One of the most well-liked programs for property management, subleasing, sales, brokerage, and maintenance management are Pact Business Solutions.

Pact maintains both accounts and properties simultaneously.

With the aid of the program, many contract kinds, such as those for leasing, sales, and the acquisition of real estate, can be automatically created and managed during the duration of the agreement.

With useful features like consolidated information, SMS and email reminders, tenancy contracts, sales, rental quotations, and more, Pact assists in streamlining and also simplifying your business.


  • Firstly, Tenant Master
  • Unit Bookings
  • Multi-year Contracts
  • at last PDC Management

4. Elate property management software

Improved reflection of their engaged and also vacant organizations is guaranteed by Elate Property Management Software.

Moreover, It is made to accommodate an organization’s needs for real estate operations that may be tailored to be completed from any location in the world.

Accordingly, To solve the complex real estate industry’s complex problems, property management software includes tools for leasing property, managing finances, and managing assets.

It is among the greatest software and has an alluring function for handling tenant complaints and also inquiries.

Additionally, its unique structure that conforms to your business and efficient web tools enables businesses to go online quickly and with the least expensive model.


  • Dashboard
  • Check-in
  • Check out
  • Master
  • Reminder
  • Expense entry
  • Search
  • Report


  • Keep-Up with Tenants
  • Stay On Top of Needs
  • Use as a CRM
  • Send Important Reminders
  • Easy to Use
  • Analytics
  • Customization
  • Integration


No major cons

5. OSOS Property Management

OSOS is a top-notch property management tool for private users, brokers, and also businesses.

Moreover, An alternative to conventional property management systems that uses the cloud.

OSOS is built with top-notch features and technology that is fully responsive and has well-integrated software.

The software is offered in several packages to meet the organization’s various needs.

You can manage all of the money you get from rent and also spend on costs with OSOS.

You can easily connect with your tenants, stay on top of their requests and grievances, and remind them when necessary.

Additionally, By using any computer or device with the cloud-based OSOS system, you can provide your employees and contractors with an easy method to reach you and ensure that they are always just a few clicks away from crucial information.

6. CORAL Business Solutions

Coral Business Solutions offers one of the top ERP solutions for real estate management in the UAE, with more than 16 years of experience in ERP solutions.

The Real Estate ERP can easily foresee market trends and aid in organizing and optimizing real estate operations thanks to its integration with other business resources and intelligent business insights.

Real estate enterprise resource planning (ERP) software has features like

  • Firstly, Property sales
  • Rental business
  • Customer and also tenant supervision
  • Managing sales/rental contracts
  • Providing building information
  • Accounting
  • Generating reports as well as analytics

That all contribute to the process of delivering a streamlined enterprise solution for an effortless user experience.

7. Avail

Software options for the do-it-yourself landlord are provided by Avail.

Additionally, The organization provides a full suite of tools and educational materials to assist small investors in becoming competent and confident landlords.

The landlord software from Avail has two pricing tiers.

An unlimited number of rental units are covered by a free Unlimited Plan, which also offers services for online rent payments, maintenance tracking, tenant screening, background checks, state-specific leases, and syndicate advertisements for open positions.


  1. Online rent payments
  2. Work order management
  3. Tenant screening
  4. Automatic listings

8. TenantCloud

For new owners, managers, and landlords with ranging from one to 500 units under control, TenantCloud is a good fit.

Additionally, the business provides a free end-to-end property management platform with all-in-one features in a free Basic Plan, which includes maintaining a record of rental information, sending and receiving rent payments, and managing maintenance.


  1. Online rent payments
  2. Work order management
  3. Vendor payments

9. SimplifyEM

Moreover, If you’re primarily searching for an accounting application for managing your properties, SimplifyEM is a great choice.

With some special features like payment reminders, SimplifyEM mostly facilitates tracking and collecting rent.

Unlike other property management software programs, their free trial version of the software allows you to use the entire program for a short period without entering any sensitive data.

SimplifyEm, created by real estate experts, is the best option for landlords who need assistance managing a few properties but don’t want to pay the exorbitant cost of other software solutions.

It strikes the optimal mix between price and features.

Each package includes email and phone support, expenses and income tracking, tenant and lease management reports, renters insurance, and more.

With SimplifyEm, landlords can manage their rental properties quickly and easily while also saving time and money.

It enables users to keep tabs on their earnings and outgoings, collect rent and also rental application information online, screen potential tenants, produce and review owner reports, keep track of maintenance requests, save documents, and automate repetitive chores.

Due to its cloud-based nature, you can start using it right away.


  1. Robust accounting features
  2. QuickBooks integration
  3. Reminders
  4. Automated rent payments

10. Yardi Breeze

Online rent collecting, rental applications, templates and addendums, maintenance requests, automated marketing, activity calendars with tasks, renters insurance, tenant communication options, workflow sheets, and outsourcing payments are among the features of the Yardi Breeze software.

Moreover, Customers can manage their homes, tenants, and finances with only a few web clicks.

However, Yardi Breeze stands out because its special function enables users to capture images immediately from a smart device and add them to a maintenance request made on an internet platform.

Previous users claim that the system is easy to comprehend, but even those who have trouble setting it up can get help from Yardi Breeze for free training and customer assistance to get their account set up and become familiar with the program.

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