What is an invoice? How does QB Addins help in invoicing?

What is an invoice?

An invoice details and records a transaction between a seller and a customer.

A business often sends a client an invoice following the delivery of goods or services.

The invoice specifies the transaction’s payment terms and informs the customer of how much they owe the supplier.

We’ll discuss the function of invoices and offer an illustration in this post.

We also provide an invoice generator to help you create invoices for your small company needs.

QB Addins

QB Addins

What does an invoice serve as?

Businesses can use invoices to keep tabs on the overall amount of money that clients owe them.

Invoices can aid businesses in getting paid in full and on time.

Additionally, they act as proof of sale and give a way to follow:

  • The product or service’s sell-by date.
  • What the company charged for the product or service.
  • Any unpaid sums that the client owes.

Due to their paper trail, invoices also help your company keep track of its receivables.

The invoice is included in the company’s accounts receivable.

What exactly does an invoice contain?

Not all invoices follow a conventional format. By contractor or vendor, they may differ.

However, all invoices must have the following Six elements:

  1. A billing reference.
  2. A date.
  3. Contact information for businesses.
  4. Product and Service descriptions.
  5. Payout conditions.
  6. Price & Tax details

Invoice number

Each invoice you issue needs to have a unique invoice number.

This reference number creates a paper trail of data for your accounting records and those of your clients.

Sequentially assign invoice numbers so each new invoice has a higher number than the previous one.

When consumers get invoices, they are not always immediately due.

You might decide to give your customers the freedom to manage their money by setting invoice payment terms of up to three months and more.


The invoice date shows the precise time and date the vendor bills the customer and records the transaction.

The invoice date determines the payment due date and the length of the credit period, making it a crucial piece of information.

The payment deadline is typically 30 days after the invoice date.

However, depending on a company’s demands and the agreement with the customer or buyer, this may change.

Contact information for businesses

In an invoice, you must include your client’s or buyer’s information and your company’s contact information, including name, address, phone number, and email address.

How does QB Addins help in invoicing?

With help of QuickBooks, you can create invoices.

The invoice structure QuickBooks gives cannot have a Tax column or the total amount in words added at your discretion.

There are substantial issues when you have to print bills by local laws affecting invoice format, government requirements, and tax filing purposes.

Printing the invoices separately every time adds a lot of extra effort as a result.

How can QuickBooks’ issue with customized invoices be fixed?

With the help of Elate QB Addins, you may create customized QuickBooks voucher print templates and have invoices printed automatically based on national laws and QuickBooks guidelines.

Data were categorized using QB Addins into journals, profiles, sums of money received, bills issued, and other categories.

In QB Addins you can create a QuickBooks invoice template based on your needs.

It may also print or produce using the QuickBooks invoice template in accordance with FTA standards.

It is not possible to add a second column to an invoice generated with QuickBooks desktop.

Every invoice must include two columns, one displaying the VAT amount and the other the VAT percentage, according to the FTA.

You may easily print all invoices and checks with QB Addins and customize every aspect of the invoice form.

Sales invoice customization

You can create FTA-approved tax invoice formats with our Elate QuickBooks Addins.

According to your requirements, QB Addins can produce a custom invoice template with a custom logo and template.

The invoice generated using the QuickBooks desktop application cannot have the amount printed in words.

The FTA stipulates that every invoice must include the amount in words.

The QuickBooks Addin includes the serial invoice number and invoice issue date.

It also includes columns for totals that include and exclude VAT.

Some Add ons features of sales invoice customization

  • Multiple currency invoices with the exchange rate.
  • Tax is customized according to the FTA or Tax Authority of the particular country.
  • VAT calculation is possible
  • The total amount in words.

Purchase invoice customization

Elate QB Addins assist you in creating purchase invoices to your needs, local governmental regulations, and tax rules.

Filing a tax return requires presenting the required invoices and other paperwork in the government’s recommended format.

Elate QB Addins can generate these files and sheets and get the invoices in the recommended templates.

FAF Files

With these QB add-ins, you can extract your data quickly and create an FTA-compliant FTA faf file whenever you need it.

You can now save a lot of money by avoiding the fines levied by the FTA Dept. with the aid of Elate QB Addins.

This is a valuable tool for creating FAF files.

It takes little time to install and use QB Addins.

It will not obstruct QuickBooks’ functionality, instead, it will run without a hitch on your device and retrieve the necessary data in parallel for you.

The FTA audits all commercial dealings made during the full year.

After then, a FAF file is created and includes all of the transactions in the sequence that the FTA approved.

Nevertheless, the number of transactions is significantly higher, and the window of time for submitting this file is much shorter.

It is physically impossible for an accountant to provide a faf file or create a file that complies with FTA regulations and the FTA format of all transactions that have taken place since the system incorporated VAT or for the previous year.

Therefore, the software is used to complete all of these jobs.

You may easily print all invoices and checks with QB Addins and customize every aspect of the invoice form

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