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Fri. Dec 8th, 2023
Retail and Restaurant POS Systems

What is POS software?

A point of sale system, or POS, is the location where your customers pay for goods or services in your store.

A point-of-sale transaction is finished each time a customer makes a purchase.

Restaurant POS Systems Dubai
Best POS Software System for Retail and Restaurant

To make your life easier, POS system software provides retailers with a user-friendly interface that aims to create unified retail experiences.

Retail point of sale solutions today enable retailers to carry out their everyday operations more efficiently, keeping them up to evolving trends and changing client expectations.

With constant data synchronization, the POS software provided by Peniel Technology, Dubai, ensures a quick and simple billing process.

The top retail businesses in Dubai use the software, making it the best Retail and Restaurant POS System program available.

Our products give standard functionalities and are very effective POS software in UAE.

You can effortlessly and efficiently manage your store with the help of these functionalities.

The essential capabilities are managing sales, purchases, inventories, taxes, financial accounting, dealers, staff, and customers.

Why use a robust Retail Management POS:

  • POS is built-in and customizable.
  • Pricing and advances that are robust.
  • Both for store operations asl well as back office operations.
  • Boost performance and KPI reporting.
  • Inventory and replacement management
  • Management of customers and employees
  • Mobile, desktop, and laptop compatibility.
  • Dubai POS Software Including VAT.

Innovative Retail and Restaurant POS System

Our software is a reliable, feature-rich POS, and its alternatives are appealing to all small and medium-sized organizations.

It is a seamless solution for business owners looking for a comprehensive solution to manage their entire operation.

It also enables your sales team to captivate clients at the same time provide highly tailored shopping experiences, subsequently building dependability.

We package these solutions with the value-added services required to improve and expand your business.

We are committed to serving our customers with professionalism and also integrity.

POS essential features

POS Profiling

A POS profile is required to use the Point of Sale feature.

POS software includes extensive features to enable a wide range of functionality, such as inventory management, CRM, financials, warehousing, and so on.

You can set defaults for items like the price list, warehouse, branch/location, income account, and payment methods in the profile.

You may even control which users have access to certain POS profiles with a single click.

Products and Prices

Item Price refers to the record that keeps track of an item’s selling and buying prices.

You can create multiple price lists for the same item to track the selling and buying prices separately.

You can also create multiple Selling Price Lists for the Item if its selling prices fluctuate due to changes in Territory or other circumstances.

These price lists can also support various currencies.

Simply select the relevant price list, and the prices of your items will be automatically fetched during transactions.

Quick Stock Count

Moreover, Quick Stock Balance is a tool that may be used to quickly determine the amount and price of an item in the selected warehouse on the specified date.

The tool can also be used for stock audits (stocktaking), which compare the amount of stock in stores to the amount of stock recorded in the open-source POS software.

Managing Multiple Stores

You can simply register extra company branches and start a business with only a few clicks.

You can set the size for each branch and check your costs, stock fluctuations, earnings, and losses to calculate your overall profitability.

Individual store profit/loss and income statements can also be viewed using Elates’ accounting module.

Offline POS with Open Source

Even if you are not connected to the internet, you can still generate POS invoices.

Offline invoices will be saved locally in the browser.

If you lose internet connection while creating an invoice, you can continue.

All offline invoices will be synchronized and pushed to your Elate account as soon as you connect to the internet.

Promotional Initiatives

Elate simplifies the process of offering discounts.

You can use promotional programs to govern item discounts (based on rate or set pricing) for different retail parties or branches.

Additionally, the appropriate price regulations will immediately change in response to promotional schemes.

Options for Print Formats

With Elate Print Format Builder, you can simply change the look and also feel of your invoices.

Insert your firm’s address, brand logos, and/or photos or terms and conditions.

You won’t have to worry about it again once you’ve configured it and saved it as the default.

Closing Voucher for POS

Moreover, At the end of the day, cashiers can swiftly and conveniently close their POS.

Simply select a time window and enter the accumulated funds.

If cashiers see a mismatch between the system amount and the actual cash collected, it is simple to create a Difference Posting.

Closing voucher for the cashier

Several people may utilize your POS at the retail counter throughout the day.

Cashiers can use cashier closure vouchers to record sales and other information at the end of their shift.

Management or an accountant can then gather and total the cash, allowing them to quickly update the company ledgers.

Data backup and cloud reporting/analytics

With cloud-based business support, data backups are no longer a concern.

Retail Restaurant POS Systems use cloud POS technology to save your data.

With a smartphone or an internet-connected computing device, you can access all inventory reports from anywhere.

One can appreciate the opportunity to check on current store activity without having to phone or physically visit any of your retail establishments.

Elate POS software is one of the most effective POS systems in the UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah).

In addition to combining with third-party systems, point-of-sale software is suitable for single and multi-location businesses.

Inventory and stock management

The POS inventory management module will oversee end-to-end inventory procedures, ensuring comprehensive visibility and also accountability at the store level at all times.

Importing inventories, ordering and re-ordering, store shortages, inventory transfers, price management, and more are all possible.

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Customer-facing Display

A client-facing display shares order quantity, ordered products, total price, and also delivery type with a consumer at the billing area on the screen that faces them.

Customers have a high level of transparency in the transaction because of customer-facing displays.

Additionally, the customer display offers information or advertisements while the billing section is preparing the invoice.

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Program for acquiring and retaining customers

Improve your customer management in no time.

It only takes a few minutes to set up reward programs and special price options.

You can then monitor credit limits, evaluate receivables and total billing, and assess average client revenue to make sound business decisions.


Create your own open-source POS software.

You can map the data that is important to you by introducing all the more custom fields in your forms.

Modify form behavior by auto-fetching values, concealing fields based on user roles, and designing unique print formats without writing a single line of code.

Adoption & Self-Onboarding

Elate, the world’s first smart comes with everything you need to thrive in business.

Additionally, With the help of excellent documentation and video courses, Elate cheque printing software can revolutionize your business.

Various payment options

Customers can utilize this tool to split payments between cash and gift cards, in addition to more traditional payment methods like credit cards and cash.

Employee Management

Moreover, With the use of a POS system’s employee management function, you may monitor the performance of your employees by controlling their employment status, work schedules, and sales results.

Features for returns, refunds, and store credit

Our POS system UAE will help you create the best return and refund policy for the business by providing you with multiple options to return items for refunds or store credit.

Additionally, With Elate POS Software Dubai, managing refund, return, and credit processes is simple.

Here are the few benefits of POS software

Numerous Menu Choices

A restaurant POS system will assist you in fast-changing your existing selections if you’re a restaurant owner who enjoys upgrading your menu with personalized specials and seasonal items.

You won’t need to leave your desk to synchronize your new menu across many terminals or places because many contemporary systems let you control your menu from an offsite computer.

Tracking of Advanced Inventory

The greatest approach for a restaurant owner to make sure they can always serve their whole menu is by keeping track of their inventory.

Modern point-of-sale (POS) systems for restaurants let you keep track of menu items, ingredients, and anything else you keep in the kitchen.

You may monitor inventory data and create reports to guide your ordering of the right number of ingredients.

This not only allows you to save money and give your clients a full menu, but it also guarantees that your food is always fresh.

Including Online Orders

Moreover, It’s essential that your online order platform can interface with your current POS system if you currently use one for your takeout food service.

You may combine external ordering sites with many restaurant point-of-sale (POS) systems, automating the payment process and starting the preparation stage for online orders.

Control the workforce and timesheets

Nowadays, a lot of restaurant POS systems let you handle your personnel timesheets electronically.

Additionally, you can set up “clock in” and “clock out” features that keep track of staff hours for pay.

It’s an excellent strategy for centralizing employee management.

The top restaurant POS software in Dubai is offered by Penieltech. Schedule a free demo with one of our experts to receive your personalized and integrable software.

For the Elate POS software, a 14-day free trial is available. Additionally, we offer this software’s training for free.

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