VAT Enabled Sales CRM Solution

Easy access of Dashboards, Leads management, Opportunity, Proposal, Follow up automation, Reports, Master, Settings, Security roles and privileges, Employee management

CRM Dubai
Best CRM software for Small Business

CRM Dubai - Best Sales CRM Software in UAE

Maintain better relations with your customers with the help of this software. Helps you handle all your leads carefully by taking regular follow-ups and sending automatically generated proposals suitable for all your clients. Keep a record of all the deals won and lost by each sales executive and monitor their performance. Get reports on past deals done in form of graphs, charts and interactive figures.

DoMore with CRM - Elate CRM

As one of the leading CRM companies in Dubai and across the UAE, we offer the world’s most innovative and highly recognized CRM solutions

Best CRM software for Small Business Dubai

Accessed easily by any browser on all mobile and desktop platforms.

Best CRM software for Small Business UAE
Role Security

Access to company data is restricted to the users according to their roles.

CRM Software Dubai
Faster Workflow

The system is programmed to organize the entire sales team activity.

CRM Software UAE

Accessed easily by any browser on all mobile and desktop platforms.

CRM System
Simple UI

Easy to learn and fast to operate, this user interface

CRM System UAE

This software can be integrated with other Elate software solutions.

Best CRM Software In Dubai

  • QuickBooks Integration with CRM Software UAE is possible with Elate CRM (QuickBooks integrated with CRM System)
  • Tally Software Integration with CRM Software UAE is possible with Elate CRM (Tally Integrated with CRM Software)
  • Elate CRM is an award-winning CRM software in Dubai. Generate more leads and close sales faster. its a cloud-based CRM in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah- Request a Free Demo Now!
  • Elate is the leading provider of web based CRM Dubai (Customer Relationship Management) and Contact Management Software Solutions for Dubai, Abudhabi, Sharjah, UAE, Qatar, Oman, KSA, Bahrain with CRM on Mobile applications.
  • Best CRM software from Dubai, Elate CRM software makes managing customer relationship management Systems easy and intuitive. Elate CRM knows UAE business better, so Elate CRM is the leading CRM for Dubai, UAE.
Online CRM Software UAE

CRM Tools to Craft Superior Client Engagement

Have you tried a lot of CRM but the complication made you lose curiosity in the software? Certainly yes? Well, not anymore, now you can say goodbye to complex CRM software. Well, it’s Elate CRM an award-winning CRM that has endowed 100,000+ companies worldwide. Elate CRM is customer relationship management software with cutting-edge monitoring features and automation tools that would help companies build efficiency, increase customer retention, and drive growth. Elate CRM System is the best CRM Software for Small businesses to improve the customer experience and accomplish a company’s collaboration with all their existing as well as potential customers. The software uses data analysis of customers’ accounts causing customer retention that drives sales. It gathers structured information on customers across diverse channels of the company that lets you initiate several conversations across multiple channels.

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CRM Dubai

Why should you choose Elate CRM?

  • Delivers in-depth perceptions on features related to your business
  • Benefits you in taking well-informed verdicts
  • User-friendly with an in-built interface
  • Easy to install
  • Flawlessly customizable
  • Craft a single room for customer data
  • Offer greater visibility into sales, marketing, and customer service 
  • Enhance customer communications
  • Expand customer retention
  • Recognize and report the needs of customers
  • Rise customer satisfaction
  • Systematize tasks
  • Upsurge functioning efficiency

The Best CRM Software in Dubai, UAE, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi with Automated Features

Best CRM for Small Business with Online and Cloud Access

Make Quicker, Smarter, and Improved Sales

A boundless sales process inevitably makes more sales. With an in-built dashboard, Elate CRM offers high-end sales automation through innovative workflows and reporting. 

CRM Software in Dubai
Enterprise Ready

Elate CRM is enterprise-ready that retains the data safe and secure in its state-of-the-art information centers around the globe. Access the customer data from any place and anytime within the business. The tool is safe, faster, and is easily adapted to other applications that are necessary to keep your business thriving.

CRM Software in UAE
Cloud-Based CRM

Cloud-based CRM is essential for your company that will allow you to access client information from anywhere and anytime as per the flexibility of the employee. As per the research, most of the companies using mobile-friendly Elate CRM exceeded their sales targets. 

Cloud CRM Software
Multichannel Communication

The software offers multichannel provision and lets you link with clients and leads through email, phone, chat, social media, and in-person. advanced features like email analytics and visitor tracking benefit you by keeping control over opportunities. It also increases leads and conversions causing substantial growth in sales.

CRM Tools
Extendable and customizable

Elate CRM is customizable, the way you want it, and can integrate Elate with a range of business tools like Quickbooks, Tally, HR and Payroll Software and other Elate software solutions.

Best CRM Software Bahrain
Complete insights to Achieve Marketing Goals

The top CRM in UAE endows you to run far-reaching promotion campaigns. You can plan, build, and implement multiple marketing campaigns with decisive objectives for each one of them. These campaigns can be categorized based on several factors such as location with complete control over costs.

Customer Relationship Management Software
Efficient Contact Management

software allows you to build a single account source with diverse data parameters, besides with personalization of the interface and other customizations.

Customized CRM Software
Multiple Price Books

The top-performing CRM tool assists you to maintain intelligent pricing in various currencies, with different rating options for every customer, vendor, and partner. You can correspondingly set the pricing based on quantities, agreements, places, branches, and other variables.

CRM Software Solution
Responsible for Consistent Service

With our CRM, you can confirm that your clients are always happy with the service. It automates tracking and assigning tasks to experts and manages service levels so that your patrons have no reason to complain.

Best CRM Software In The Dubai
Sales Real Estate CRM Software

Systematize sales and lease of real estate properties wisely with site visits, reservation bookings, and proprietorship with Online Real Elate CRM Software. Best CRM Software for Real Estate. Real Estate CRM Software in Dubai, UAE.

CRM Dubai

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Liked it already? Then why not make a smart deal with Elate CRM for every particular need of your Sales team, Marketing Team, and Support team. Start your Free CRM Software (Trail Basis) for this easy-to-use customer relationship management tool that might turn out to be the supreme and suitable choice for your client’s new growing demands. Triumph the market with this smart integrated CRM solution.

Why Elatesoft is the Best Choice?

We cater to results-oriented resolutions. That's mostly why. Plus there are other strengths that distinguish Elatesoft in the marketplace. Also, we were recently named the Best CRM Cloud Vendor in the Middle East. Cloud-based CRM Elate is Award-Winning Cloud CRM Solutions, Dubai that maximizes your ROI with a market-ready On-premise CRM system. Cloud CRM solutions UAE occur on remote servers where software apprises, safety processes, backups, and more are managed by the Elate CRM software Dubai, UAE. Get Cloud CRM at Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah.

What We Do

DoMore with CRM - Elate CRM

Build responsive, mobile-first projects on the web with the world's most popular front-end component library.

Best Accounting Software in UAE
Fascinating Products and Services

We have an immensely compelling mixture proposition in terms of our products and services by ensuring you are always ahead of the curve.

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Best Accounting Software in UAE
Great Team

With our team of experts from both creatively and technically strong thus, bringing together an exclusive combination of cross-over talents under one roof to provide you the best service.

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Best Accounting Software in UAE
Collaboration with Clients

We at Elatesoft take our clients seriously and that means we care about supplying the results that matter a lot to our clients.

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Best Accounting Software in UAE

Stop wasting time and money on other solutions. We offer value for money!

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Best Accounting Software in UAE
Hands-On Installation

We like to get our hands on Installation to all our customers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

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Best Accounting Software in UAE
Do More with PROPOSAL

Get Auto-Generated Invoices and business proposals in professional-looking templates ready to be sent to the customers.

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Best Accounting Software in UAE
CRM Dashboards

The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Dashboard will give you a concise view of all the important statistics and numbers of the sales,

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Best Accounting Software in UAE
Security roles and privileges

For added security, you can restrict your employees’ access based on their role in the organization. Control what different users see within your CRM to prevent data leaks and security breaches.

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Best Accounting Software in UAE
Leads Management Software

All the leads generated by the sales executives need to be updated in this section. With this, you can keep track of all the potential customers and their relevant information.

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Why We Are Unique?

ElateSoft is Dubai’s largest trustworthy dealer of all sorts of IT software in Dubai, UAE, Bahrain, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and, all other Middle East. We implement solutions to your industry with Sage, CRM, HRMS, Tally UAE, Cheque Printing Software, Quickbooks UAE and many more. We convey together the key functions of property management into one authoritative solution and permit property managers to release stress, lessen add-ons, and automate repetitive responsibilities. Book a free demo today to see why thousands of property managers have switched to ElateSoft Real Estate Software.


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