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Faster communication between the managers, accountants and the sales team.

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Elate Reminder Software

A light, Cloud-based application that will remind you about various cheques and other payment reminders that need to be done on particular days. This is a multi-user app that will help faster communication between the managers, accountants and the sales team. Apart from cheque reminder, the application will also remind you to conduct various meetings within your organization and meetings that you need to attend. This app is a smooth and fast reminder application that is in a class of its own.


Faster communication between the managers, accountants and the sales team.

Secure, Fast, and Reliable.

It provides high security in the data as it remains private in your organization and your server. It is not integrated with other websites, does not share any data with the websites or any third-party apps that record and learn the data patterns. You might wonder how this application is relevant at this time when there are options for reminders on mobile phones. Well, all the data stored on a mobile phone is synced with the data servers of big companies that provide service and your privacy is compromised.

  • Cheque Management: Get reminded about the cheques that you have to deposit and the ones you have deposited along with their dates and amount that is mentioned on them.
  • Security: Not integrated with any other apps or personal assistants that can track your data.
  • Organize Meetings: Set date and time of office meetings/briefings and their details along with the people who need to attend it and notify them in advance by mail.
  • Cloud-Based: Can be accessed from any device from any location securely.

Why We Are Unique?

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