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More and more small and medium-sized businesses are integrating with other online apps and collaborating with e-commerce companies. Accounting software usage is expected to increase more in the future as features like automated bank feeds and automated billing capabilities become accessible. Controlling account payables and receivables, corporate payroll, the general ledger, and other business modules is simple.

Elate – Trusted Accounting Partner in the Middle East

Known for offering comprehensive and integrated software solutions, Elatesoft is a well-known Middle Eastern provider of business solutions. We help companies all over the world by giving every client from anywhere in the Middle East the most spectacular experiences of all time. The major purpose of the company is client happiness. They have multi-domain competence and in-depth understanding to only deliver tried-and-true IT and accounting solutions to clients. Elatesoft assures complete pleasure and a deep commitment to you. They deliver amazing bespoke solutions that allow businesses to focus on core business activities.

Some of their Services and Products accessible in the UAE include HR and Payroll Software, CRM Software, Property/Tenant management services, POS, and IT Services and Support.

Products and services at Elate

Elatesoft provides the most customizable alternatives to match your company’s needs. In the accounting software sector, Elate, their in-house software solution, is gaining popularity. Work with VAT-enabled ERP systems as well. Elate ERP System Dubai offers an easy-to-understand user interface.

The deployment procedure is quick, and the programme is competitively priced. Elate ERP System UAE is a modular software system that allows you to employ as many modules as you need to satisfy the needs of your business. Furthermore, Elate’s service and customisation have enabled ERP to be used by a diverse spectrum of enterprises. They also provide module services including Accounting, Human Resources and Payroll, Sales and Purchase, CRM, Projects, and Asset Management.

Elate ERP

Elatesoft is the authorized ERP dealer in the UAE. They have a strong and dedicated staff team of the best software professionals since they have been supplying clients with feature-rich, powerful, and cost-effective solutions. Their staff provides all types of customization required for your business and fulfills all of your requirements to assist your business to develop. They provide the best combination of technological knowledge, outstanding customer service, and reasonable pricing.

Elate CRM

Elate CRM is a CRM that has won several awards. This CRM is customer relationship management software that integrates cutting-edge monitoring and automation technology to help firms increase productivity, client retention, and growth. Elate CRM System is the best CRM Software for Small Businesses for improving customer experience and collaborating with all existing and new customers. The software analyses data from client accounts, resulting in increased customer retention and income. It gathers structured data about clients from various corporate channels, allowing you to have numerous dialogues across several channels.

Elate HR & Payroll

In Dubai, UAE, and throughout the Middle East, Elatesoft provides best-in-class HR and Payroll Software. Depending on the version chosen, our HRMS & Payroll software may assist customers with all basic and even advanced business requirements. The software is very customizable and scalable.

Manage a variety of operations such as personnel monitoring, application tracking, performance evaluations, benefits administration, payroll systems, time and attendance, and so on. HRMS UAE (Human Resource Management System) is crucial to the company’s success. Elate is the ideal option for managing your organization’s HR processes and payroll.

Elate Cheque Printing Software

This application interfaces easily with any accounting or ERP system. In the UAE, you may get a free trial of cheque printing software.

  • Cheques may be quickly and simply printed.
  • Print individual checks or bulk payments
  • Maintain a record of all printed checks.
  • High-level customization
  • It may be used in conjunction with other apps.
  • There are templates for all major bank cheques available.
  • Customer service after the sale is outstanding.

Elate allows you to print cheques on any bank cheque and configure all of the essential characteristics. They also provide a wireless printer that works similarly to a check printing machine in the UAE, allowing you to swiftly print cheques. All of the Cheque printing templates are already loaded into the application.

Elate Property Management

This program will tremendously benefit property owners and real estate brokers. It helps real estate agents and property owners in the following ways:

  • Budgeting for Real Estate
  • Tenant expenditure reimbursement
  • Tenant Data
  • Monitoring the progress of new construction projects
  • Correct information about building materials and labor
  • Customer care
  • Completing tax forms

Elate QB Addins

QuickBooks invoicing uses standard templates to create reports and invoices; you are unable to fully customize them to meet the needs of your business or the tax regulations of your region. As a consequence, Elate QuickBooks Addons enables you to create your own sales invoices, purchase invoices, journal vouchers, and payment vouchers, as well as your own corporate logo and quick reports.

Elate QB Addins also allows you to choose and create your own invoice. QuickBooks Customization allows for journal voucher and payment voucher customization, as well as sale invoice (VAT) alteration. Additionally, receipt voucher personalization, your distinctive company logo, and quick reports are available.

Elate PMS

For controlling and tracking all of the gear and equipment in your company, Elatesoft offers Equipment Management and Certification Software. From the production plant to the distant dive vessel, all require trustworthy software to track their equipment and tools on the job. Any system failure can result in considerable losses, especially if the application is mission-critical, such as life support. As a result, all systems must undergo regular check-ups and periodic maintenance, as well as organize their history so that it can be examined at any time.

Elate POS

No matter the scale of the operations or the number of employees, Elatesoft POS (Point-of-Sale) is a trustworthy, feature-rich POS that is suitable for any retail firm across all segments. Its products are appealing to all small and medium-sized businesses since they provide a simplified solution for business owners looking for a complete solution to manage their whole operation. It also helps your sales team to captivate customers, provide highly customized shopping experiences, and foster reliability. Professionals, managers, and workers may simply utilize the POS System Dubai to do daily and critical managerial tasks. Complete all of your company’s procedures in one simple system, from inventory management to customer relationship management.

Elate Reminder software

Elate Reminder software is a cloud-based tool that will remind you of various checks and other payment reminders due on specified dates. This is a multi-user solution that will improve communication between managers, accountants, and salespeople. Apart from cheque reminders, the program will also notify you of meetings inside your company as well as meetings that you must attend.

Our Reminder software is cloud-based and extremely secure, to name a few features. We provide the highest level of security to our clients and safeguard their data. This program may be used to organize all meetings. Furthermore, the program aids in cheque handling and assures prompt cheque delivery.

Accounting, auditing, and VAT

With the help of transaction tracking and financial data analysis, Elate Accounting software easily manages cash flow. Accounting dashboards display all essential performance information in one place. You may also evaluate all of your increasing business’s financial activity in one place by using configurable accounting dimensions and customised dashboards. It is a comprehensive Inventory Management Software developed to simplify business finance and accounting.

In Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah, we provide exceptional accounting and auditing services with FTA approval. Their auditing firm in Dubai and UAE, in particular, ensures coordinated auditing processes to minimise undesired delays to your business operations. Furthermore, they are Dubai Tax Consultants with a well-equipped team of knowledgeable and experienced VAT professionals.


Elate has been offering Accounting and IT solutions for over ten years and is the top Accounting and IT solution provider in Dubai, the Middle East, and the UAE. We offer a complete IT and accounting software solution. These solutions are completely Elate’s in-house ERP and accounting services. Contact us today for a consultation and a free demo of their extensive product line.

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