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Sun. Feb 25th, 2024
Elate CRM For sales

Are you in the process of trying a variety of CRM for your small business, but cannot find one?

A CRM that could cover all your business needs as well as be easy to use? Well, Elate CRM is the right solution for you.

This CRM System is the best CRM Software for Small Businesses to improve the customer experience and collaborate with all existing and new customers. The program analyses data from client accounts, resulting in customer retention, which boosts revenue. It collects structured information on clients from various corporate channels, allowing you to conduct numerous dialogues across many channels.

Elate CRM for Sales

Elate CRM, is an award-winning customer relationship management software with cutting-edge monitoring capabilities and automation technologies that may assist businesses in increasing efficiency, increasing client retention, and driving growth.

CRM refers to the principles, methods, and standards that a company follows while dealing with its customers. From the company’s standpoint, this comprehensive connection includes direct interaction with consumers, such as sales and service-related activities, forecasting, and the study of consumer patterns and behaviors.

And so does Elate CRM! It’s the best Sales CRM software in the industry that covers all the standard principles of Customer Relationship Management software. Additionally, This CRM also adopts your unique business needs. Also integrates personalization and accommodates all your Sales needs.

Functions of Elate CRM

Maintain a record of all deals won and lost by each sales professional and track their performance. Get reports on previous transactions in the form of graphs, charts, and interactive data.


All your Data is in sync via the Intranet connection or the Internet server in your business organization. Any browser on any mobile or desktop device may simply access it. Hence you would be able to access your business and sales team data globally and provides remote access. All you need to do is sign in to your Elate CRM cloud and you’ll have all your sakes information at your fingertips.

Role Protection

Users’ access to corporate data is in control based on their jobs. The access allowance to each employee would be in complete regard to their role in the organization. Moreover, they’ll be only limited to those functions on your Elate CRM. This helps with the internal protection of data in your business organization.

Enhanced Workflow

The system is set up to manage the complete sales team’s activity. Right from Generating leads to converting them into business assets and customers in your organization. All the process-wise and Sales Flowwise Data is on regular update on Elate CRM in real-time for your reference.


This CRM captures data in real-time in its CRM system, and reports can be generated effortlessly. This saves hours of manual and tedious report-making process and makes it for you real-time. And with the help of its Cloud functions any browser on any mobile or desktop device may simply access it.

Simple user interface

It has a simple user interface. And this feature makes it easy to learn and utilize. Its UI is also customizable according to your business needs. Above all can be accessed hassle-free due to its low complexity.


Elate CRM program can function in conjunction with other Elate software products. Our in-house experts and developers team helps you with easy integration of Elate CRM with any ERP. Or even other software you want and helps you to remodel the same according to your business.

Features of Elate CRM

  • This CRM supports QuickBooks integration with CRM Software UAE (QuickBooks integrated with CRM System)
  • Our CRM allows Tally Software integration with CRM Software UAE (Tally Integrated with CRM Software)
  • Elate is the leading provider of web-based CRM Dubai (Customer Relationship Management) and Contact Management Software Solutions for Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE, Qatar, Oman, KSA, and Bahrain.
  • Elate CRM software, the best CRM software in Dubai, makes managing customer relationship management systems simple and intuitive. Elate CRM is the leading CRM since it understands business across UAE and the Middle East better.

Elate CRM Verdict

With the aid of this software, you can maintain stronger relationships with your consumers. Allows you to properly manage all of your leads by conducting frequent follow-ups and providing automatically prepared proposals that are appropriate for all of your clients.

Elate CRM is a CRM software that has won several awards in Dubai. Increase your lead generation and sales closing speed. In Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah, it is a cloud-based CRM. Now is the time to request a free demo!

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